Welcome to Nutorious

Nuts + nutorious. Two words that have merged into one to represent our fresh, delicious nut products from Samos, such as the pure spreads made from perfectly roasted nuts!

At a time when quality in everything we consume is the cornerstone of a healthy and balanced lifestyle, its discovery becomes a small treasure hunt. A treasure that is worth finding, since as Hippocrates said, “we are what we eat”.

Dive into the taste of the Nutorious range of products and experience the wisdom and care of nature. You will find our products online at nutorious.gr but also in selected stores.

Our Products

At Nutorious, we produce pure nuts and nut spreads that will pleasantly surprise and excite even the most demanding connoisseur!

Our products are based on perfectly roasted fresh nuts without added sugar and preservatives.

Nutorious spreads do not contain gluten, lactose or palm oil, are a rich source of vitamins and proteins and are suitable for use in both sweet and savory culinary creations.

  • Well roasted almond with Belgian black chocolate. Soft taste, rich in calcium, magnesium and iron!

  • Delicious hazelnut with chocolate and toffee (caramel). Strong flavor full of phosphorus and vitamins!

  • Pure, natural peanut butter with a wonderful aroma. Ideal for a protein rich diet!

  • The first savory spread in Greece is introduced by Nutorious!


Amazing products in great packaging.

The peanut butter and caramel cream treats are worth a try.


The Almond Butter with dark chocolate is simply delicious. I will definitely try the other flavors by Nutorious, too.

Manuela P.

Tasty products made from high quality ingredients. I also like that they are sugar free.

Michael Α.